The T601 has been specifically designed for Amateurs and CB users requiring complete band coverage (25 - 1300 MHz), thanks to its very reduced dimensions. the antenna can be easily installed in any condition. In fact it allows the continuous cover reception up to 1300MHz. but above all it allows the transmission on all Amateur bands from 144 MHz upwards.

Therefore. the T601 is very useful for, multi band, dual banders for Full Duplex transmissions,  remote control and cordless telephones.




The T601 is a base station antenna. Due to its usable frequency it is advisable to mount it as high as possible on up to a 1 3/8" diameter mast. 

The connector is compatible with the standard PL 259.




Frequency range:

Reception band:     25  to  1300 MHz
Transmission band:    144,  220, 440, 900 & 1290 MHz.

Max power:     200W VHF-UHF

S. W. R. .     1.5: 1

Connector:   So 239 (PL 259 on cable)

$41.95 $37.95